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Reality, perception, and surviving

What is the reality of living through a remodel and not loosing your marbles along the way? Here are some quick refernce phrases/ideas to keep in mind and reference along the way. Utilize them as Cliff Notes and a quick reference guide aloing the journey.

  1. Expect to expect nothing.
  2. Prepare for the long haul.
  3. Figure out what the one thing is that bothers and let your team know.  You may not know till you start, but let them know and don’t let this build and fester, it will distract you from the rest of the project process.
  4. Dust – Prepare for it and get used to it. It gets everywher and places you didn't think possible.
  5. Exercise those patience muscles, you will get opportunities.
  6. Frustration - When you get exasperated, and you will, talk to your team.  They are great at working this out with you and should be great listeners and amateur counselors. Sometimes my meetings with my clients are simply restating expectations and managing frustrations and talking them through the process over and over again.
  7. Noise – Get used to it.
  8. Inconvenience - recognize your whole life and the structure you are used to is getting ready to be totally interrupted.  Your life will get turned upside down and you will need to adapt before you can settle back into a routine when it’s over.
  9. Intrusion - the multitude of workers and people that will invade your personal space can become exhaustive.
  10. A dumpster in your yard and driveway. They are not pretty.
  11. Materials staged everywhere.
  12. It’s like a home invasion; it’s your home and then it is a construction site, then your home again.
  13. People - people everywhere and all day.  There are numerous trades and people that will be in and out of your project.  This is hard to get used to, so preparing for random people each day can help soften the impact.

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