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Exterior Upgrades

The exterior of your home is one of the most important components in helping to protect your home. Not only does it protect it, but it defines the type and style of your home, it protects against the elements and keeps the interior systems from becoming damaged. Upgrading and reaplacing your home's exterior affords you an opportuinty to have the latest materials that protect the home, but also to enhance or even alter the type and style of their home. IN addition there are some energy efficient options avaiable as well to help add to your home's enegry efficiency.

There are many styles of homes and design options avaiable and Red Dot Construction can help you with planning and assit in the different styels and materials available. Repalcing your siding is not just a simple reaplcement, it is an exterior renovation that can add years and value to your home.

Siding Projects

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Siding Replacement

Looking to upgrade your home's exterior while adding value and protection? Find out more in our siding section.


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